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12-09-2008, 08:15 AM
So, a total of 3,347 MINIs are taking part in a multiple-stage road trip across America. What do you call that kind of thing
MINI named it "The 2006 MINI TransAmerican Motortastic Road Trip To End All Road Trips Rally." That's quite a mouthful, so we'll stick with the easier-to-remember "MINI Takes The States." The two-week celebration of all things MINI begins and ends with the delivery of the first American-market MINI GPs. Between those deliveries, however, a lot of stuff will be going on.
The rally kicks off after this weekend's Monterey Historics, where Cooper is the featured marque. Before departure, 32 of the first 41 early-delivery MINI GPs will be handed over to their new owners. Some of them, presumably, will be part of the 700-plus car caravan headed on a cross-country odyssey that ends 14 days later at the Rolex Vintage Festival at Lime Rock.
Registered MINI owners will be joining and leaving the pack throughout the trip, though 175 cars are signed up to make the full coast-to-coast run. Between Monterey and Lime Rock, MINI has events scheduled for the rally participants at every stop, ranging from a John Hiatt concert in Nashville, tailgating at Busch Stadium, a photo-op under the ST. Louis arch, an all-MINI drive-in movie, track tour and parade laps at Indy, and much more.
The tour's "wrap party" will take place in New Jersey, where 9 more MINI GPs will be delivered and everyone will get treated to an Everclear concert set against the NYC skyline. Almost 1000 MINIs will drive the final leg from Jersey to Lime Rock Park in CT, where MINI will have a

12-09-2008, 09:14 AM
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