View Full Version : Group Lotus Response to the UK Government Support Announcement for the Motor Industry

28-01-2009, 09:40 AM
An official release from Group Lotus in response to Peter Mandelsons announcement...

Group Lotus plc welcomes the government’s investment boost into green and low carbon vehicle projects in addition to increasing the funding for training of employees in the motor industry.

Mike Kimberley, Chief Executive of Group Lotus plc, said, “It has been a long
time coming but I welcome the announcement given by Lord Mandelson,
today. I am delighted that the UK government has recognised the vital
importance to the automotive industry of research into green, environmental
and low carbon vehicle solutions. This is an area that Lotus has been working
for many years and I am pleased to say that Lotus is now acknowledged as a
world leader in the relevant and significant areas of alternative fuels, electric
and hybrid technology and of course staying true to the Lotus brand value of
creating light weight and efficient vehicles.”
Commenting on Group Lotus business, Mike Kimberley said, “It will be a very
tough year for the global automotive industry, but Lotus is reasonably placed
compared to some other car companies. We have an ambitious research and
development programme and we are very encouraged by the invitation given
by Lord Mandelson to Regional Development Agencies to bring forward
programmes for research and development into cleaner engines and lighter
cars, an area in which Lotus is one of the world leaders.
“We have restructured and prepared our three key areas of business, the
manufacture and sale of Lotus cars, world class high technology automotive
engineering consultancy and contract manufacturing for third parties, to assist
in riding this economic down-turn and to continue as world leaders in
advanced automotive technology and low carbon cars of the future.”