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Posts are not to be made to advertise unless you are a forum sponsor. Users are free to recommend anyone they choose. If another user expresses an opinion that you disagree with, by all means constructively criticise, but do not flame and do not expect that user to change their mind, if you post controversially then expect some form of backlash. Trolls and flaming will not be tolerated. We're not trying to be spoil-sports, just trying to maintain an air of quality when we get new visitors and ensure that everyone is on a level playing field. Any feedback - just post up (Be constructive, please).

User Infractions - The Penalty System

vBulletin CMS

The vBulletin CMS allows you and your users to create, edit and publish articles directly to your site. It combines a simple to use content manager with a unique organizational system that lets you control the smallest detail of the site from the number of sections, to the overall layout, to the placement of widgets and displays on each page.

Graphical Signatures & Avatars

These are to be of a considerate size, and we must not end up in a situation where graphical signatures are taking over threads. We suggest a guide (subject to revision) of the equivalent to 4 lines of text. As with user avatars, they must also not contain any images or words that are not appropriate to a PG13 family environment, nor must they be used for a commercial venture without prior consent or link to other motoring related forums. If you're not sure, PM a moderator and ask - or even post up in the feedback section.

Gallery & Linked Images

Now the gallery is up and running properly, there is be a place for your signatures to be uploaded if required, however we strongly suggest seeking consent from other gallery owners before using their bandwidth to power a signature here - its poor netiquette to do otherwise. To this end, images hosted on other galleries are preferred to not be water-marked, as we believe this starts problems with the 'advertising' clause being applied to some and not others - everyone should be equal. With regards to file size (storage, not dimensions) please remember that the larger the files are, the longer it will take for a thread to load and the slower the site will appear to be. Please be considerate.

Commercial Links & Banner Ads

It has decided that to create a level playing field, members who wish to advertise a commercial link, must contribute something back to the site. This has been decided because: * It helps remove 'SPAM' advertising from people who have no interests with our community except to sell their wares. * Advertising by application helps us to keep all adverts relevant and on-topic. Our promise is to only expose members to links we believe are of use to them. This does not, of course, prevent our members from being able to recommend a company or provide one-off links to companies for the benefit of others We hope this doesn't offend anyone, but advertising is advertising, and we want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly. We thank all those who contribute fairly, as their financial input really does help keep this site running for all to use. This will be effective from 1st October 2005, please check below for the types of advertising we offer.

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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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