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Thread: Rolls Royce Suspends Production.

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    Rolls Royce Suspends Production.

    From todays papers...........


    ROLLS-ROYCE has suspended production of one of its major engines following delays to the Airbus super jumbo aircraft, it was announced yesterday.

    The engineering giant said it was too early to say if the decision would have any impact on the 11,000 workers employed at its plant in Derby, which manufactures the Trent 900.

    Staff are producing other engines for Airbus and for other companies including Boeing. A Rolls-Royce spokesman said yesterday: "Following the Airbus delay, we have to adjust our programme accordingly.

    "We are waiting for more details about requirements from Airbus.

    "Once we are clear on that and any potential impact on future workload, we will consult with the unions."
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    Yet another 12 month delay before the double-decker plane takes to the sky's.
    IIRC at least 6 major worldwide airlines have ordered some of these planes and are all thinking about cancelling them.

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