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Thread: Induction kits vs Air Filters

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    Induction kits vs Air Filters

    I'm still umming and arr-ing about improving the induction on my ZR.

    Obviously, an open cone filter is out of the question, as I dont wish the engine to suffer form heatsoak. Its only a 1.4 and doesnt need slowing up off the line

    I noticed that PTP are offering ITG induction kits - but they're a lot more expensive than just a filter, I dont know of any alternatives though.

    I've also lookup up panel filters, X-Power were offering the 'Green' filters for 45, but it costs about 55 to get them delivered from Green. Its also nigh on impossible to find them for a ZR in places like Halfords!

    I've already taken the 'cone' out from inside my air-box, which has added to the induction roar, but looking back I am unsure if it has made a huge difference to my performance...
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    Rob, an ITG is pointless unless you have (or are going to have) exhuast upgrades to take full advantage of the better airflow
    Quite a few tests have shown that simply banging a better panel on there is as good as using an induction kit with Cold Air Feed such as a Taipan or Viper, but you dont get the "sound" with the kits.
    All am saying is, dont go spending where u dont need to.

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    So for Rob, who has an upgraded exhaust (magnex?), the ITG induction kit would make a difference to performance!

    Go fer it rob... more noise, more power and more complaints from your neighbors, what more could you want?

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    with "just" a magnex box it wouldnt worth an ITG IMO, if there was a manifold and cat upgrade then yes it would be, maybe even just a midpipe would make it worth it. But the airflow would be resricted by the standard system that you could get a taipan for less thatn half the cost of the ITG and still see the same benefits.

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