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Thread: MG SV #120 tentatively for Sale

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    MG SV #120 tentatively for Sale

    I have tried to increase my usage of this glorious car, but find I am paying out for two lots of tax, MOTs and insurance, whilst generally driving around in a Eurobox Picasso.

    Whilst the Picasso has served me faultlessly for 6 years now (many thanks Luffield Motors), the time has come to consider something a little more 'executive' that can deliver some of the poise and power of the SV, but with the fuel efficiency nearer the 50mpg mark and a more subtle, less ostentatious appearance, whilst remaining British.

    In making this change, I fear the SV will end up losing it's appeal and I don't want it left in the garage for even more of it's life.

    I'm not unrealistic in knowing that the values have not recovered, but will not drop to the prices being touted by webuyanycar, or similar.

    #120 has now down 25,900 miles and apart from the usual stone chips to the clam, a rubbing pulley wheel (when cold) and the need for a service, is in very good condition.

    I'm not in an immediate rush to sell and may well get it up to David for a service in the not too distant future (curing the pulley wheel fault at the same time).

    If you know someone who may be interested, get them to call or drop me a line.


    PM me as required.
    Life's too short not to!

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    Will it be a new Jaguar?

    Such a shame your having to let it go. Good luck with what ever happens.


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    That's the plan Chris
    Life's too short not to!

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